become a partner in 2024

Three times a year, Renewal Church offers an opportunity for individuals to become partners. Becoming a partner signifies a commitment to the mission, vision, and 4G values of Renewal Church.

As a partner, you are committed to:

  • Attending regularly and inviting others to church.
  • Actively serving on one of our teams.
  • Financially supporting the church through giving.

Mission: To make disciples for the glory of God and the good of the neighborhood.

Vision: To experience a multiethnic, reproducing movement of God in our neighborhoods.

4G Culture:
Gospel - Living out the Gospel
The Son of God became man, lived the life that we couldn’t live, paid the price we couldn’t pay, and made us sons and daughters of God. Even though we are more broken than we ever dared believe, in Christ God is deeply satisfied with us. He creates beauty from our ashes.

Good Neighbor - For the Good of the Neighborhood
We believe the best way to transform a community is through being a good neighbor. Because God welcomed us, we welcome everyone. We are not just a church in a neighborhood. We are a church for the neighborhood.

Growth - Accepted but Expectant for Growth
We are accepted just as we are because of Jesus, but God doesn’t leave us there; His grace trains us for growth and godliness. Our desire is to reproduce in others what Jesus has done in our lives—we will help people find and follow Christ and teach them to pass it on.

Generosity - Radical Generosity
God has given us everything in Christ , and we desire to give, live, forgive, and worship God in generous ways—to give above and beyond, to go the extra mile, to give sacrificially. We believe that acts of generosity both deepen our dependence upon God and widen our church’s impact.